Pet Odor Eliminator Candles



 As much as we love our pets, their smell can be very unpleasant. Anything from a wet dog to a kitty litter box comes with its own distinct dirty smell, and the challenge to eliminate these odors can be a difficult one. Luckily, Kushley makes pet friendly products that work to eliminate organic odors from pets, and more.

Kushley is dedicated to making products to clean the air through your entire home. Our products are organic and made right here in the United States. We have products to eliminate every odor, from pet shampoo to candles. Candles are a good option because they disperse throughout your home and can give the air a new freshness. Here's a look at our candles and how they help tackle stubborn pet odors.

Types of Pet Smells

Pets are messy; there's no hiding it. They are wonderful companions, but can quickly turn your home upside down and leave a foul odor behind. Pet hair, messes, crates, treats and toys all contribute to the smell your pet leaves behind. Even a fish tank left in less than pristine condition can turn your living room or office into a fishing pier to your nose. And although a clean dog doesn't smell, one potty break in a light drizzle can produce the infamous wet dog smell that pet owners are all too familiar with.

We want our pets to be members of our family. We've made products that eliminate odors left behind by pets so Fido can join you inside, without backlash from your nose. We make a variety of products, but one of our favorites are our soy candles that are sure to leave your home smelling clean.

Kushley Products

All of our products are organic, and that includes our pure soy candles. Soy candles burn cleanly without soot, and unlike petroleum candles, are perfectly safe to burn. The soy that we use is organic, and we don't add any harmful chemicals to it, making it safe for you and your pets. To add an odor eliminating effect to a typical candle, we have a secret mix of organic essential oils that get to the root of a smell and biodegrade it on contact.

When you burn a candle, the wax is used as fuel for the flame, releasing water vapor and carbon dioxide into the air, as well as the chemicals found inside the wax for color or fragrance. Soy candles burn pure and our mix of essential oils is carried on the water vapor that is expelled from the burn. Instead of adding fragrances or colors to our candles that release unnecessary substances and chemicals into the air, we let our special organic blend work its magic. It will leave a light and fresh scent behind rather than a heavy mask, and that slight scent will fade so your air is nothing but clean and totally free of pet odors.

Our candles come in a variety of sizes in beautiful and solid glass jars perfect for keeping pets odors out, . Of course, you should always keep a burning candle out of reach of pets to prevent burns, and to keep a stray tail or a curious kitty from knocking a candle into something flammable.

We also have a variety of other products that are pet safe, and eliminate odors just as well. Browse our store page to learn more about:

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About Us

We first created products for those using medical treatment of chronic illnesses. Not everybody wants others to know that they are undergoing medical treatment because it can be uncomfortable to talk about and can lead to some very personal questions. Kushley created an organic solution that breaks down odors on contact, giving you the discretion and clean air that is needed to heal. Kushley is confidence!

Luckily, our products can do so much more than just eliminate odors, but also odors from smoking cigarettes and cigars, cooking, and anything else that leaves an organic odor behind.

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If you are sick of battling with stubborn pet odors that just won't go away, give our products a try. We guarantee our products 100% and will give you your money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase. We think that you'll be like the 99.9% of customers that love our products and have made us part of their family. Check out our store page here, and contact us if you have any questions.