Organic Personal Care Products Created For You and Your Environment.

"Kushley organic products, Mist Spray, Lotion, Soy Candles, Liquid Soap, Body Bar Soap have been created for you and your environment.
Eliminating medical marijuana smoke odors, odor sensitivity from chemo therapy, cigarette, cigar smoke odors, cooking odors, even pet odors
any organic smell you want to eliminate.  
Kushley organic products are hand crafted in Connecticut. Est~2013"



Kushley soy candles clean and clear the air. These pure soy candles with cedar wicks burn slowly, providing Kushley’s odor-eliminating benefits for hours. Use a Kushley candle to eliminate the smell of medical marijuana, cannabis, cigarette, cigar smoke and cooking odors. Kushley does not mask or cover up odors, no fruity flavors to choose from. 

Make Kushley your signature scent.



In the final stages of her illness our friend Karen had severe side effects from the chemotherapy treatments. When nothing else would relieve her symptoms, her doctor prescribed medical marijuana. It worked.

Mask Medical Marijuana Smell and odor!
But Karen went to great lengths to eliminate the medical marijuana smoke odor. She tried baby powder, scented soaps, mouthwashes, flavored gums, body lotions and other odor masks. Her tactics did worse than fail. Using perfumes and other strong scents bothered her acute sense of smell, and all endeavors to eliminate the smell made her anxious and uncomfortable.

As Karen’s days dwindled, we began to wonder how many hugs she missed because she didn’t want anyone to smell the smoke odor on her. She began using Kushley and found relief. Karen thanked us and told us how much she appreciated the reduced anxiety and greater comfort. Karen cleared the air—both figuratively and in reality. And so we dedicate this website to Karen.

What our clients say:

  • 5 stars

    "I love this product! It is long lasting, and the smell eliminates my after smoking odors. Their other products are also helpful, like the spray!"

    Kushley Soy Candle

  • 5 stars

    "Best candle out there! non-toxic. I just love it!"

    Kushley Soy Candle

  • 5 stars

    "I don't remember where I read about this spray, but it was well reviewed then, so now that it's time to re-order, I say thanks for such a great smelling product!"

    Kushley Spray Refill

  • 5 stars

    "I was introduced to this at a function at Tru Ink Tattoo, in North Branford. I am a Type 2 Diabetic and always looking for something for my dry skin. I was using the Gold Bond lotion for Diabetics - but it just wasn't doing the trick. One small dollop of this lotion and what a difference it made to my face and hands. It was so nice, smooth, not greasy and that smooth, clean feeling lasts all day!! I am happy with this product and thankful to my son, and Tru Ink for introducing me to this lotion."

    Kushley Lotion

  • 5 stars

    "The candles are great. They last quite awhile and smell wonderful. I don’t have any medical conditions but love the smell of the Kushley products. This is not the only Kushley item I have bought and it won’t be the last."

    Kushley Soy Candles


Kushley wins! 5 Stars

November 05, 2018

Title: Kushley Wins! Rating: 5 starsAuthor: (verified kushley customer) Recently attended cannabis convention and discovered Kushley— the small spray has been used every day since I take my medicine in my car and I couldn’t be happier. Delighted to save on packaging by being able to purchase a bulk refill. Thank you Kushley Continue Reading →