Organic Odor Neutralizer

When searching for odor neutralizers, it’s easy to forget to read the labels. Natural scents should remind us of mountain fields, fresh cut grass, or the beach at high tide. In other words, odor neutralizers should remind us of nature. Instead, most commercial products come with unnatural chemicals with adverse side effects. Many people have allergic reactions with the toxins and fragrances found in these chemicals. The average household contains about 62 dangerous toxins, from phthalates in perfumes to sodium lauryl sulfate in foaming soaps. These products have been linked to:

  • Eye damage
  • Depression
  • Asthma
  • Diarrhea
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Cancer

Although it’s impossible to avoid all toxic chemicals, we can do our best to decrease the amount we have in our home. This can significantly reduce the daily, monthly, and yearly exposure over a lifetime. Living with toxic chemicals greatly increases the chance for disease, and limiting our use can lead to healthier lives and a cleaner environment.

Our mission at Kushley is to restore your home and body to its natural state of cleanliness. Our organic products safely eliminate smells without using harmful toxins. The essential oils in our blend of ingredients confront odor at a molecular level to erase it from the air instead of merely masking it. Our candles, lotions and hand soaps are safe for pets and children. Our odor eliminating spray now comes in TSA-approved travel size. For larger areas, the mist trigger spray will eliminate odors on your clothes or furniture. Clinics, assisted living centers, hospitals and homes around the country enjoy clean air through Kushley!

Ingredients to Avoid

A product doesn’t have to be FDA approved to be sold, and millions of products are put on the shelf every year without official lab testing. We are taught to focus on what we consume that sometimes we forget about what we put on our skin. Skin-care products can do more harm compared to products we consume because our stomach has special enzymes to break down chemicals, whereas products we put on our skin absorb directly to our blood stream.

Fortunately, our team at Kushley is dedicated to helping you make the healthiest decision. Read below to find out more about harmful ingredients and how to avoid them.


Phthalates are commonly found in vinyl flooring, building materials, children’s backpacks, and cosmetics. Scented products use phthalates to enhance fragrance, increase spread, and stabilize absorption. As a general rule, any product that says “fragrance” probably has phthalates. These chemicals decrease sperm count in men and are considered a potential carcinogen by the EPA. The best way to avoid Phthalates is to use fragrance free or all-natural products. At Kushley, we use organic ingredients to give you a fragrance-free freshness. All our products are made with chemical-free essential oils that will eliminate odors without the cost.


Due to its known carcinogenic effects, ethanolamines are already restricted in Europe. This ingredient commonly found in soaps, shampoos, lotions, creams, and paraffin wax, is widely used in the U.S. The EPA has reported skin lesions and kidney tumors in mice after being exposed to this ingredient. Cosmetic companies continue to use ethanolamines because they claim the dosage is low, though we doubt they consider the repeated usage by men and women wearing five or six different kinds of product each day. After several years, the dosage adds up. At Kushley, you don’t have to worry about long term effects of cosmetic products. We derive our lotions and hand soaps from natural plant oils. Check out our full list of ingredients.

Kushley Natural Odor Eliminator

Our unique botanical blend eliminates odors without using toxic ingredients. Our natural oils bond with the bad smell and erase it from the air. Clear the air without worrying about long term chemical effects. Take care of your body and environment with our eco-friendly products.