Does Burning a Candle Eliminate Odor

Every house has a smell. Usually, it’s a combination of pets, cooking, perfume, and the people who live there. Sometimes it’s a good smell, but other times you’re not so lucky. A bad smell in your home can be embarrassing. It can reveal too much about your personal life, and it prevent you from enjoying a living space the way you should. Bathrooms, basements, and bedrooms tend to accumulate a musky smell, which is unfortunate because we tend to spend the most time in those areas. Kitchens can range from smelling like Thanksgiving at Grandma’s to sweaty onion. If you’re not careful, drains and trash cans can be the source of pungent, lasting smells.. Living and dining rooms can accumulate dirt and smoke from visitors, and those smells can permeate your walls and carpet.

According to the EPA, the air inside your home can be more polluted than the air outside. Most commercial sprays only add to the haze and waste your money. In addition, people with illnesses tend to stay indoors longer, and bad air can impair recovery. Odors make living spaces uncomfortable and can irritate roommates or neighbors. Clearing bad smells is a matter of identifying the source then using a Kushley odor eliminating product, and lastly perfuming a room with your favorite scent.

Our team at Kushley is dedicating to restoring your body and environment to its natural state of cleanliness. We understand that using medical marijuana leads to unpleasant smells. Our organic candles, lotions and sprays will clear the air. Depending on your method of consumption, using Cannabis can leave a scent in your hair, clothes, skin and hands. To completely eliminate odors, Kushley uses our trademark blend of essential oils to attack the odor at the molecular level. We don’t just temporarily mask the scent like other products. Instead, we neutralize any irritating odor and leave your space clean and natural. Follow the below steps to eliminate unwanted odors from your home.

Identify the Source of the Smell

The quest for clean air begins with identifying the source. Find the room where the odor comes from, then zoom in on the culprit. Is the smell coming from your carpet, or is it the kitchen trash? Maybe your dogs got into something at the park and brought it home. Even if you’re in a pinch for time, eliminating the source will save you effort in the long run. Mold, animal waste, or pipe leaks require speedy maintenance if you want your home to smell fresh.

If you smell mold, it’s probably there. Check around your house for water leaks or damp spots. If the leak is small and cosmetic, a quick DIY project can go a long way. Mold typically grows in places with lots of moisture, such a basement, bathroom or kitchen. Sometimes mold grows as a result of poor ventilation in your home. If the smell persists, consider calling your local plumber or HVAC specialist to take a look.

If a smell is coming from a drain, a simple mixture of vinegar and baking soda can work quite well. Pour one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar, and let it bubble for thirty seconds. Then, rinse the drain with a pot of boiling water. A smell coming from a drain is often a result of a dried up p-trap. A p-trap is a pocket of water that prevents gas from coming up through the sewer. If you haven’t used the drain a while, the p-trap can dry up and release smelly gasses. Run water in all your drains once a month to prevent this from happening.

Odor solutions can be simple or complex, depending on the source. They range from taking out the trash to calling a plumber for a pipe leak. Whatever the case, first determining the source can save you lots of time in the long run. For medical marijuana users, the source is obvious. All you have to do now is clean up.

Eliminate Odor Source

Here at Kushley, we understand how important it is to have clean air. Using medicinal cannabis can be difficult at first, as you may not want to raise questions or attract unwanted conversations. Your discretion is important to us, which is why we work hard to neutralize odors.

For household smells, try our organic candles. Once ignited, a botanical oil blend disperses in the room and bonds with bad odors. The soy candle and cedar wick produce a clean burn at a lower temperature, so the candle will last twice as long. The soot from other candles can discolor your walls and ceiling, but our soy-based wax burns as clean as the air it makes. The clear air it produces is not a temporary mask. We’ve discovered how to organically neutralize smells at the molecular level through our non-toxic soy candles. Simply place the candle on a flat surface in any living space and experience its odor cleansing abilities.

Choose Your Favorite Scent

Our candles will remove odors and leave your home without a scent. Your favorite scented candles will last twice as long because they won’t be working to remove unwanted odors. Once Kushley candles clear the air, you can fill the room with a scent of your choosing. Perfume as your please, but don’t forget to eliminate the odor instead of masking it. Most commercial perfumes don’t eliminate odors, and they return after a short time. After cooking, cleaning, or using cannabis, eliminate unwanted odors with Kushley candles.

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