Cannabis Smell Remover

Whether you’re using medical marijuana in your home, car, or on the go, you’ll have to deal with the smell. More people than ever are using medical marijuana. Even in places with no legal issues, users prefer to keep their healthcare private and confined to their homes. However, its scent is undeniable—everyone knows what you’ve been doing. Kushley will help you clear the air. We will restore your home to its natural state of cleanliness.

Our mission at Kushley is to give relief to medical marijuana users who struggle with the anxiety, questions, and difficult conversations as a result of smelling like smoke. Kushley products bring clean air to hospitals, clinics, assisted living centers, and homes that accommodate cannabis card carriers. Despite the numerous benefits of marijuana, its smoke can taint your clothes, hair, skin, and the air in your homes. We care as much about what you put in your body as the environment you inhabit, which is why we look to refine your smell to be clean and clear.

We support american farmers by using renewable resources such as soy, cedar, and petroleum-free products. You can avoid the toxins and soot in paraffin wax by using soy wax. Plus, it lasts twice as long and doesn’t tunnel. Our products are unique and not mass-produced. The pesticide and herbicide-free ingredients lead to a cleaner body, home, and business. Our diverse selection of cannabis odor neutralizers can remove smells in any circumstance and in any environment. Smokey smells on your clothes, in your car, or in your home will vanish by using these helpful tips.

How to Remove Smells From Clothes

The amount of residue left on your clothes is largely determined by how and where you consume cannabis. Inhaling smoke through a rolling paper will leave the strongest scent on your clothes, especially if you are in an enclosed space like a car or closet. Smoke from the tip of the paper will continuously burn, leaving the space filled with a pungent scent. If you don’t have a change of clothes and would like to smell clean and clear, use Kushley.

Eliminate tough odors with Kushley’s organic spray Natural ingredients in the formula attach and eliminate odors from any organic source, such as cigarette smoke, pets, strong foods, or medical marijuana. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe around pets and children. After consuming cannabis, spray your clothes to clear out smells. Our botanical oil blend will leave your laundry odorless and neutral.

Clearing Smells From Your Car

Does your car smell funny? Whether you have a used car with malodor, or your car needs a deep clean, our fine spray will eliminate bad smells. After washing and vacuuming your car, removing all sources of smell, spray our signature blend to neutralize the air. For extra-deep cleaning, apply some spray into the air intake near the front of your vehicle. We don’t recommend using marijuana in the car, but if you need your medication on the go, check state laws before consuming.

No matter where you travel, our fine mist spray bottle fits conveniently in your backpack, middle console, and glovebox. If you have a smell that needs quick treatment, whip out the spray bottle and eliminate any bothersome odor. Restore your discretion and medicate yourself in privacy. Don’t let the smell of marijuana deter you from its numerous benefits. By removing smells and restoring your internal and external environments, you can live safely and without worry. Your clothes and car can smell clean without you surrendering your health.

Get Your House Smelling Fresh

Using marijuana produces a pungent, distinctive scent that can permeate your carpet and furniture if you’re not careful. Our eco-friendly candles are designed to prevent scents from staining your living space. Before using cannabis, ignite the candle on a flat surface so that the odor-eliminating magic can absorb the smoke and smell. Leave the candle ignited until you are finished, then use your favorite scented candle to make the room smell any way you like. Using odor eliminating candles to clear the room will extend the lives of your favorite candles by 50% because you’ll use them half as much.

Clear the Air with Kushley

We understand the frustration of wanting to reap the benefits of cannabis without carrying the smell throughout the day. Our products are perfume-free, and they restore the air to its naturally fresh scent. Make Kushley your signature scent with our organic products.

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