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Medical patients users deserve the right to privacy. The benefits are well-documented, but the smell it leaves can permeate your clothes, furniture, and carpets. Without the proper odor neutralizer, in the comfort of your own home can leave your rooms with a sour smell. If you want to be mindful of your neighbors or are simply looking for more discretion, check out our all-natural odor neutralizers.

At Kushley, our organic products are dedicated to you and your environment. Our selection of mist sprays, candles, and lotions will give you a signature scent of cleanliness. Don’t put off your health because you are worried about the smell. We erase unwanted odors from clinics, assisted living centers, hospitals, and homes. Our all-natural ingredients are eco-friendly, as we only use renewable resources for our soy candles and petroleum-free lotions. For your personal environment, our sprays eliminate smoke-caused odors in your hair and clothes. Keep things discreet with our products, and read more to learn about how to safely use without worrying about its accompanying smells.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Plants

Your plant is medicine, so treat it like your other medications. Your strain corresponds with your symptoms, and sharing with friends and family can have adverse effects. Keep it away from pets and children by properly using storage. The right container can prevent accidents, neutralize odors, and keeps it fresher longer. The Do’s

  • Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight
  • Use a container with a neutral charge, like a glass jar
  • Make sure your container is airtight to control oxygen exposure
  • Store on a low shelf or basement, where heat won’t rise
  • For ideal humidity, use a hydrometer to maintain RH levels
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The Don’ts

  • Avoid refrigerators, as the fluctuations in humidity can increase the chance of mold
  • Plastic bags cause static that can damage the little crystals known as trichomes
  • Keep other items in a separate location. The ash and resin can also contaminate and reduce its freshness
  • Don’t store next to electronics or other appliances that produce heat.

Additional Considerations

When storing a large amount, consider using a separate container for a daily or weekly ration so you’re not repeatedly opening and closing the same container. Preserving freshness requires limited oxygen and humidity. Also, edibles and other perishable products should not be stored for large amounts of time. Treat them as normal food products and follow the directions on the package. Alcohol tinctures are less susceptible to mold, but they still may need proper storage as indicated on the label or by your distributor.

Regardless of the Method, Erase Smells with Kushley

From edibles, tinctures, capsules, to topicals, there are many exciting ways to consume. Each method involves different preparation may emit different odors. Some forms, such as capsules, may be heavily concentrated, so exercise caution when trying new methods. Conduct research and ask your doctor or dispensary to see which option is best for you. Regardless of your method, our products at Kushley benefit all users. Our sprays, candles, and lotions remove scents leftover from smoke or cooking, and will protect your body, environment, and privacy.


If you’re not a fan of smoking, try something edible! They are growing in popularity and availability, and you can even make them in your home. Our kitchen candles will remove up any scent left by baking edibles so you can safely consume your medication without unwanted smells.


Topicals are lotions, balms, and oils that have been infused. They relieve pain, inflammation, and soreness without any psychoactive effects. You apply them directly to your skin, so your body can feel relief without affecting your mind. To avoid any adverse scent, check out our selection of lotions that will leave you smelling neutral and clean.

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Our products will restore your environment to its clean and natural scent. Whether you’re baking, smoking, or applying topicals, our all-natural odor neutralizers will remove any odor quickly and effectively. You will never miss another hug, and you’ll never be afraid to medicate when you use Kushley.


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