We are beyond honored as this customer has been with us since early 2014

"Good Afternoon Kushley-
I just wanted to thank you for the always excellent customer service!   It's been a pleasure to watch your company grow!  I love when I see a huge Kushley sign at a gathering outside of the East coast.  My relationship with Kushley began when I tried to order product from your website...many years ago...and could not make a purchase.  I called the phone number given and I was immediately in touch with a kind man who joked how not being able to order on the website might affect the business.  We laughed about the situation and days later I received the first of many packages from Kushley.  As a small business owner myself I appreciated his kindness and genuine character.
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this beautiful (but increasingly cold) Autumn weekend!!
October 19th, 2018

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