i) Soy, Woodwick Candle ~ 8oz ~ 20/25 hour

    • Best of the Best - Kushley 8oz Soy Candle

      Soy is known for its slow, soot free, clean burn. Kushley is known for its pure organic odor eliminating benefits.  

    • Combined offering you the best of the best in a candle that will "clear the air" from smoke and/or cooking odors in a large room for hours.

    • Our Soy Candles will actually remove smoke or cooking odors from a room. Simply light candle during and let it burn after the task.

    • Double the burn life of your favorite scented candles. Use Kushley to eliminate the odors first (let kushley do the work) then light your favorite candle and you will never have the scent of trying to cover up the present odors, just clean, fresh natural scent or your favorite candles true scent.

    • Now available with a redwood wick and in a beautiful, durable, solid 8oz. highball glass.

    • $17.95 ~ approx 20~25 hour clean burn time

      We are so careful about what we put in our bodies, we should also be as careful about what use in our environment.

Soy Candles have a "Memory" On 1st burn make sure candle is on a level surface & melts across entire top before extinguishing! It will remember & not exceed its melted diameter burn on the next light.

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