Pet Shampoo - Sold Out, try the Pet Shampoo Bar

When it comes to our pets we want nothing but the best for them.

We have proven time and time again Kushley to be safe around our pets especially if our pup has ever been on the receiving end of a skunks spray. 

Kushley is so proud to now offer you best of the best in a dog shampoo.  "Baby Our Pets"

This is not your typical thick shampoo,  rather it is an 8oz., extremely light, organic castile soap not a heavy or thick detergent like soap.  

Baby Our Pets Shampoo will not strip your pets coat of its natural oils nor will it dry out their skin. It is also citrus free, as dogs, cats and especially horses do not like (some can be highly sensitive to) the scent of citrus.

We finally complete this shampoo with kushley's essential oil formula that will remove any odor leaving your pet's coat luxuriously soft and scent free.

Order a bottle of "Baby Our Pets Pet Shampoo today and give your pet the gift of a pure organic, clean and luxurious shampoo.

$12.95  - 8oz Castile Liquid Shampoo


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