Benefits from Kushley?

Sustainable, Clean Air, No chemicals, Pet safe, Earth friendly, Affordable, Many different household, office, professional and industrial uses.  Personal customer service with every order, free consults only an email or phone call away.

Kushley, All Green Since 2013

A premium & unique blend of fair trade, non-gmo, natural botanical oil extracts, water based (not oily) pure organic product made in the USA.

  • Unique and Proprietary Formula
  • Ingredients and composition are trade secrets (title 19, Code of Federal Regulation)
  • Not mass produced—hand crafted in the United States
  • Eliminates 99.6% of every airborne, body or embedded organic odor
  • Biodegrades any organic odor on contact
  • Restores your environment to fresh and clean natural

Kushley’s Safe in Every Environment

  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally safe
  • No hazardous chemicals, latex, formaldehyde, oxidizing agents, phosphates, enzymes, live bacteria microbes, alcohol or propellants