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There’s no denying the pungent smell of cannabis smoke. Despite its numerous benefits, igniting medical marijuana can make the air skunky. People using cannabis for treatment deserve privacy and discretion. Also, patients receiving visits from friends and family may not want their medication turning into an uncomfortable conversation. Fortunately, there are several odor removing products in the market. Choosing the right one can be difficult, but at Kushley, we make the choice easy.

Kushley candles, hand soaps, and sprays gently eliminate odors without adding chemicals to your hair or skin. Our organic blend of essential oils bonds with the odor at a molecular level and erases it from the air. Unlike commercial products that temporarily mask the odor with heavy perfumes, Kushley gently restores the air to its natural cleanliness. Our products are fragrance-free, giving you the liberty to fill the air with a scent of your choosing.

Frequently burning cannabis indoors can cause odors to permeate your carpet, furniture, clothes and skin. With Kushley, you don’t have to worry about the long lasting effects of smell. Our sprays, candles, and lotions eliminate permeated smoke odors, you can medicate comfortably without fretting about unwanted odors. There are many ways to remove the smell. See below for a detailed explanation about each of our products.

How to Use Kushley Candles

Customers use Kushley candles to clean the air in an entire room. The trick is to light the candle before you start using cannabis. This gives the candles time to disperse the odor neutralizing oils so they can absorb the smelly smoke. Leave the candle ignited through your meditation session, and experience the effect of clean air. Kushley products leave a gentle, neutral smell, so your room won’t smell like cannabis. Customers can then choose their preferred scent to fill the room. This extends the lives of your favorite candles because you can use them half as much to get the same results.

To prevent tunneling, let the soy candle burn across its entire surface before extinguishing. This way the candle does not exceed its melted diameter on the next light, and it will burn evenly on every consecutive use. Soy candles last longer than paraffin candles, and Kushley organic products will safely clean your air. See why customers are raving about Kushley.

Spray your Clothes with Safe Products

Marijuana smoke can permeate your clothes and furniture. To eliminate the smell, first identify and remove the odor source. For people using marijuana, the source is obvious. Consumption methods that emit smoke, like joints, pipes and bongs, produce more odor than non-smoking methods like edibles and topicals. For people looking to clean cooking or pet odors, finding the source may require more looking.

After eliminating the source, spray your clothes and air with Kushley’s signature blend. Our sprays come in different sizes for different situations. Our 32 oz. trigger spray works great for large rooms and several pairs of clothing. Simply spray the solution onto your clothes or hair. The product is pet-safe, so spraying it on your carpet can eliminate stubborn odors without risking the health of small animals or children. Our fine mist spray and pocket mister are convenient for clearing the air on the go.


Kushley Will Clean Your Air

Medical marijuana patients can treat their illnesses worry free. Check out our air neutralizing accessories and organic products on our website, or call us at 860.710.8607.

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