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Kushley is confidence when it comes to pet odors 

We love our pets, even if we don't like the smells they leave behind. Pet smells can linger, making your home smell foul and possibly making guests uncomfortable. There are dozens of products on the market today that claim to be the solution to pet odor, but many of them cannot carry through on their promise, and leave you with empty pockets and a ever-present wet dog smell.

Luckily, among the many ineffective products, there are those that actually do what they claim. Kushley products are one of those. Our odor eliminating candles are not only organic, but perfect for getting rid of stubborn pet odors because they do not just mask the smell, but actually remove it from your home. Let's take a closer look!

Kushley Organic Candles

Candles are a nice addition to a room because they give the room a warm and welcoming feel, while doing a lot to change the smell of your home. There are several factors to consider when picking a candle, but one that is often overlooked for heavily scented and more attractive candles, is its odor fighting ability.

We make our candles out of organic soy, meaning it is free of the harmful chemicals found in paraffin. Soy is perfectly safe to burn, and we only add what is necessary to give our candles their effective odor eliminating ability. Many of the candles on the market today are full of chemicals from the wax, added perfumes, and artificial colors added to make it more attractive. Our candles are organic, burn cleanly, and burn slowly.

Paraffin candles are those most commonly seen on shelves today. There are a lot of downsides to paraffin, but the worst has to be the hazardous chemicals toluene and benzene that are released when the candle is burned. Both of these are known carcinogens that have the potential to cause serious illness down the road with frequent or prolonged exposure. Paraffin also burns dirty, leaving soot behind, and much quicker than soy does.

Odor Eliminating Power

We use a special blend of organic and all natural ingredients that gets down to the source of the odor to begin breaking it down immediately upon contact. It works on all organic odors and will biodegrade an average of 99.6% of them, so they will not persist. Unfortunately, many products and especially those with heavy scents merely mask the foul odor. They trick your nose only until that strong smell begins to fade, revealing the original odor that you sought to get rid of.

To get the best result from a Kushley candle, light the red wood wick before you partake in an activity that will produce a foul odor. For example, if it has just started raining and your dog needs to go outside, light it before you let your pooch out in the rain. This way, the candle will be ready to eliminate the wet dog smell that will inevitably come in with him. Leave the candle lit in the room until the odor goes away, maybe as long as it takes your dog to dry off. The candle will break down the musty odor from your dog, leaving your air clean and fresh.

Kushley candles aren't just great to get rid of pet smell, but are great at eliminating any organic odor, including those from:

  • Cigarettes
  • Waste bins
  • Cigars
  • Bathrooms
  • Medical Waste
  • Cooking

    We are proud to be able to confidently say that our products are so effective, even the smell of a curious pup sprayed by a skunk can be knocked out, no tomato juice required. All of our products are safe for pets, but we do make a special pet shampoo for pets big and small to get rid of all of the smells they create and introduce to your home.

    About Us

    We have been environmental odor eliminating experts for over 30 years. We developed our products to give people a safe alternative to heavy and chemical ridden products that are used to freshen up your home. We hand-make all of our products in Connecticut, and use Fair Trade soy, so you can feel good ordering product that is made close to home.

    We began by making products that help those that are undergoing medical treatment maintain their discretion. This medical treatment has a pungent odor that is a giveaway. Unfortunately, it could lead to some uncomfortable questions and judgement directed towards the patient. Because it is so helpful for those suffering from chronic illness or undergoing chemotherapy, it is important that they feel comfortable using it as part of their treatment.

    All of our products are organic and have the power to get rid of tough organic odors. They are all safe for you, your home, and the furry members of your family. We have a wide selection that is sure to cater to nearly everybody's odor eliminating needs. Browse our product catalog to take a look at our products, like:

    • Lotion
    • Soap
    • Pet shampoo
    • Fine mist sprays
    • Starter and sampler kits

    Order Today

    We guarantee our products, 100% so you can be confident giving them a try. You can browse our candles to find the right size and style for you, and order today. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns before or after you buy, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help.