Odor Eliminating Candle

You come in contact with many smells in your day to day life. While there are a lot of great smells out there, there's an equal number of unpleasant ones. When those smells make their way into your home, whether by smoking, brought in by pets, or stick around after cooking, they can be hard to get rid of. That's why Kushley has made a line of organic odor eliminating products.

At Kushley, we specialize in organic odor elimination that is safe for you, your home, and even your pets. We have a large variety of all organic products: sprays, lotions, soaps, and of course, candles. Let's take a look at the pros and cons to using candles and how they work, as well as how you can use Kushley products to eliminate odors from your home.

Household Smells

Everybody loves pleasant smelling air. A fresh smell allows you to breathe easy, and welcomes guests. The daily activities in your home can quickly turn a clean space sour, making the air in your home pungent and unappealing to even the most unaware. Bad smells can make people uncomfortable. There are a lot of organic things that can cause a foul odor to make its way into your home or onto you. All these things can add unpleasant smells to your home:

  • Cooking
  • Cigars
  • Cigarettes
  • Medical marijuana
  • Pets
There are tons of different products on the market that claim to freshen air. For the home, there are candles, sprays, electric plug-ins, motion sensor sprays, fragrance burners, diffusers, and even potpourri. Although some of these do a good job of covering up odors and distracting your nose with a heavy fragrance, few of them actually get to the root of the smell and eliminate it.

Traditional Candles

When you are needing to freshen up the air in your home, a common suggestion is to light a candle. After all, candles are an elegant way to add fragrance to your home and create a relaxing atmosphere. When wick burns, it melts the wax around it and then uses this oily substance to fuel the flame from the wick, releasing water vapor and carbon dioxide. It's not totally harmless, however. The heat leads to the discharge perfumes and substances within that wax, and that includes the chemicals. These chemicals and perfumes do nothing to eliminate the odor already in the home, and once they wear off the original smell will reclaim the air.

Certain candles, especially petroleum based candles, can contain various hazardous chemicals. They can cause asthma attacks in those unfortunate enough to suffer from the condition, triggering migraines, and even increase your risk for developing health conditions down the road from frequent exposure.

Kushley Candles

Kushley has come up with a solution to this dilemma. If you want a fresh smelling home, but don't want to risk your safety, our pure soy candles do just the trick. They are slow burning because of their red cedar wicks and can last upwards of 50 hours to give you day after day of fresh air. Our products are unique and hand crafted with water based ingredients in the United States.

We don't add any hazardous chemicals to our products, and that includes our candles. They are free of latex, formaldehyde, oxidizing agents, phosphates, enzymes, bacteria microbes, alcohol, or propellants. We use a blend of organic essential oils to eliminate odors, cleaning the air without adding harmful chemicals to it, and without heavy scents.

They work by biodegrading any organic odor on contact. We're proud to say that they can get rid of an average of 99.6% of every organic odor, whether it is airborne, on the body, or embedded. Our products are used throughout the United states in homes, healthcare facilities, and hospitals because of their safety and effectiveness.

We are proud to offer a solution to anybody seeking odor elimination, but our products were created to help those in need of medical marijuana. Medical cannabis can provide great relief for those suffering from chronic illness, and eases some of the side effects of chemotherapy cancer treatment.

It is unfortunate that marijuana leaves behind such a strong, pungent odor. While many people like it, it can make patients' guests feel uncomfortable, and even make those suffering from nausea have worsened symptoms. They need a safe, reliable product to get rid of the smell so they do not have to be anxious about their treatment or its smell. That's why we do what we do. Our products freshen the air to provide patients and their guests with clean air while they heal.

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