Medical Marijuana Legal Status

As of June 2017, 29 states and Washington DC have legalized marijuana. Although it is gaining legality across the US, marijuana is still federally illegal. Since 1972, interest groups have been fighting to remove marijuana from the DEA’s list of schedule 1 drugs. Other drugs on the schedule 1 list include heroin, Quaaludes, LSD, and peyote. The federal government considers schedule 1 drugs to have a high potential for abuse and deems them unsafe for medication. DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg says that marijuana is considered schedule 1 not because of danger but because the federal government doesn’t believe it should be used for medicine. Since state legislators and researchers disagree, cannabis is increasingly being legalized throughout the US. If the federal government moves marijuana to the schedule II drug list, physicians could freely prescribe it.

Understanding the legal status of marijuana is important when deciding if or when to get a medical marijuana card. There is overwhelming research that suggests that marijuana benefits people with chronic pain and other illnesses. While every state allows for cannabis in some form, nearly half the states don’t allow medicinal marijuana, so check your state’s legal status before applying for a card.

What Is a Marijuana Card and How Do I Get One?

Just because medical marijuana is legal in your state doesn’t mean you can openly purchase it. Most states require people to have a medical marijuana card or MMID. In order to get a card, patients must visit a doctor and be diagnosed with one of their state’s approved conditions. These conditions differ from state to state, and some states don’t allow for THC products at all. Places like Utah and Wyoming only permit CBD oil. Fortunately, many states allow doctors to prescribe marijuana even if the patient doesn’t have a qualifying condition. If a doctor agrees that cannabis would be an effective treatment, then you could be on your way to obtaining a cannabis card.

After receiving a doctor’s note, patients must fill out an MMID application and pay a fee. The exact details of how to apply for an MMID vary depending on the state, and some are stricter than others. Once you have a card in hand, you can purchase your medicine from a dispensary or, if state law permits, grow your own.

Neutralize Odors With Kushley

Beginning your marijuana medication can be intimidating. After going through the process of getting a card, deciding on the right consumption method, and finding a reliable dispensary, first time users need a way to eliminate the odors. Despite marijuana’s growing acceptance, many people still negatively associate its pungent smell. Patients using cannabis for serious illnesses may not want their friends, family, or neighbors to question their method of treatment.

Many existing air neutralizers contain chemicals that harm the environment including formaldehyde, latex, phosphates and enzymes. Commercial air fresheners mask the smell with irritating perfumes that fade after a short time. Healthcare facilities looking to provide patients with clean air need a safe product that gently removes odors.

If your air contains unwanted odors from cooking, laundry, pets, or cannabis smoke, Kushley will restore your air back to its original freshness. First, identify and remove the source of the odor. Then, light a soy candle and spray Kushley’s organic blend of botanical oils bonds with malodors at the molecular level to erase them completely. Each product is child and pet friendly, and they will not irritate people with allergies. For safe odor removal, choose Kushley! Kushley starter kits are perfect for clinics, businesses, and homes that need clean air. Each kit consists of a spray, candle, and lotion that gently remove odors. The premium starter kit includes a personal pocket mister for those who need clean air on the go. This item conveniently fits in a pocket or purse, and it has over 200 uses.

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