Medical Marijuana Conditions by State

Marijuana is regularly prescribed to people who suffer from chronic pain, PTSD, insomnia, arthritis, and many other illnesses. Although cannabis remains federally illegal, its medical use is legal in some form in every state. Some states are much more strict than others, and people who live in states that don’t allow recreational marijuana use need approval from a doctor. In order to qualify for medical marijuana, patients must be diagnosed with a condition on their state’s list of qualifying ailments. Check out your state’s laws or visit a doctor for specific information about your qualifications.

In states where recreational marijuana use is legal, patients don’t need medical approval to use cannabis. However, they may not have access to the same products as in states with medical marijuana. Cannabis is a safe alternative to highly addictive pain medication. If you feel like your symptoms or condition match those on the state cannabis approval list, contact your doctor. Many states allow doctors to decide patient eligibility, which can be good if your condition is not definitively diagnosable.

After receiving your medical marijuana card, check the laws of neighboring states before visiting dispensaries across state lines. Here is a list of states that accept out-of-state medical marijuana cards:

  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island

We recommend calling the dispensary before you visit because each shop has its own policy, regardless of the state law. Some states are closely watching dispensaries, so they will deny your card to save them trouble. Fortunately, as more states legalize marijuana, dispensaries won’t be under much scrutiny and they will be able to accept out-of-state cards.

Who Benefits From Kushley?

Medical marijuana card holders deserve to treat their illnesses in privacy. Despite the increasing presence of cannabis nationwide, it still carries a stigma. Patients who use marijuana to recover may not want the smell to linger on their clothes as they hug friends and family. Roommates and neighbors may be irritated at the smell if you elect to consume marijuana by smoking. Whatever the case, it’s best to smell fresh.

The need for clear air extends to healthcare clinics and businesses. Companies spend billions of dollars each year in order to keep their facilities clean. Many of these commercial products contain harmful chemicals such as latex, formaldehyde, oxidizing agents, phosphates, and enzymes. Kushley products use organic botanical oils to that are safe and healthy for the environment. Natural ingredients bond with odors at the molecular level and erase them from the air, unlike synthetic chemicals that merely mask smells. Healthcare clinics that care about patient comfort love Kushley’s all natural candles and sprays. A little goes a long way, and each product leaves the air odor-less and fresh.

Retail businesses looking out for their bottom line appreciate Kushley’s low prices. Natural odor eliminating products save money in the long run because instead of masking odors, they replace them. Heavily scented products fade after a short while and the irritating smell returns, resulting in higher product use and more chemicals released in the air. Businesses that don’t resolve unpleasant odors drive away customers and don’t attract new ones. After using Kushley, businesses can focus more time towards essential operations instead of worrying about custodial tasks.

People who care about the environment can use Kushley products guilt-free. Our organic soy candles come from US farms, unlike paraffin candles derived from petroleum. Soy candles are healthier for the air in your home because they don’t leave any black residue. They burn slower and cooler, resulting in longer-lasting, safer odor removers. Kushley candles are designed to neutralize the air, not fill it it with odors. Many customers will use Kushley to remove smells, and then light their favorite candle to replenish the air with their favorite scent.

Starter Kit and Pocket Mister

If you’re looking to eliminate odors caused by marijuana smoke, cooking, laundry, pets, or anything else, check out our premium starter kits. These make the perfect gifts, and they are great beginner samples for people looking to try a little of each product.

After you acquire a medical marijuana card, maintaining your privacy is of utmost importance. Kushley pocket misters are now only $5, so you can keep smelling fresh anywhere. Its convenient size makes it fit comfortably in a pocket or purse, and its capacity of over 200 uses will have you covered for a while. Gently remove odors from your clothes and hands with Kushley. For any inquiries or to peruse our products, call 860.710.8607 or visit our website.







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