Never Mask Any Smell


Kushley 4oz Spray

All Kushley organic products NEVER mask the smell
Kushley eliminates all organic odors, safely, effectively & responsibly! 
Including: Cigarettes, Cigar Smoke and Cooking smoke, odor.
Made right here in Connecticut since 2013!

There’s no mistaking the scent of this burning plant. With the up rise in popularity, several studies have been conducted that outline the numerous benefits . After undergoing chemotherapy treatments, our dear friend turned to a special herb to ease her nausea and help her sleep. Unfortunately, she had to medicate in secret, and she found difficulty removing the smell from her home.

Many people find themselves in a similar situation. Despite the numerous benefits not everybody finds the smell agreeable. Even in states that allow medical use, there can still be a stigma. People shouldn’t have to light a flare to neighbors or roommates announcing their medical issues. Likewise, carrying a smell on your skin and clothes can be off-putting and unpleasant. A bad scent on your clothes can transfer to your bed, car, and other clothes. Commercial odor removing products can be expensive, and there are so many options that it’s hard to know where to begin.

At Kushley, we believe that everybody deserves clean and fresh air. Don’t deny the benefits because of the smell. Our products are found in assisted living centers, hospitals, homes, and clinics across the country. We eliminate odors in any space with an unwanted scent. In your home, a scent can have many sources. Pets, children, kitchens, and bathrooms can all leave an irksome smell. Our odor eliminating products replace bad smells with the natural scent of neutrality. Light one of our soy based candles to release essential oils into the air to bond with stinky particles and return your space to clean and odorless.

Replace vs. Eliminate

Fresh air should be natural. Many commercial products use unspecified chemicals that have long-term health hazards. For instance, phthalates found in artificial fragrance can cause cancer and reproductive disorders in men. Some sanitation products can cause asthma, irritated eyes and lungs, and even depression. Along with carrying potentially harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances don’t work. They temporarily mask the smell, letting it return when its chemicals dissipate. The bad odor will persist, especially if the original source hasn’t changed.

Kushley odor eliminating products won’t mask the smell―they’ll erase them. Our all-natural organic products are made from special oil blends that are pet and child safe. After lighting a candle, misting a spray, or applying lotion, the oils will absorb the bad smells and your natural scent will be restored. We make our products with renewable resources that benefit the environment while making yours odor-free. Eliminate odors and enjoy the tranquility that comes with an open mind and happy nose.

Start With the Body

Smoking can leave odors on your skin and clothes. A clean environment begins with your personal space, and being extra careful about what you put on your body will pay off in the long run. Off-the-shelf hygiene products carry non-tested chemicals that can have long-term effects. In fact, applying products to your skin is more dangerous than consuming them because skin doesn’t have the same defense system as a stomach. The acids and enzymes a stomach can break down some toxins, but applying them to your skin sends chemicals right to your organs.

Kushley lotions are specially created to keep your body odor free. Our unique blend of shea butter, olive, sunflower, and avocado makes our lotion safe for sensitive skin types. It is citrus and paraben free, and can conveniently fit into pockets or purses. Enjoy the benefits without worrying about smelly hands.

Clean Air Makes A Clean Home

After treating your body for unusual smells, clear the air in your home. There are many ways to consume, and each method produces a different amount of odor. Smoking out of glass products or paper generates the most odor, while a dab and topicals merely a faint smell. Determine which method of consumption works best for you by consulting your doctor.

Kushley candles and sprays eliminate all smells, regardless of the consumption method. Smoking can permeate your walls and carpet. Our organic spray removes tough odors by using natural blend of plant oils. We have three different sizes of bottles so you can remain odor free on the go. After an event, spray your clothes, furniture, and carpets to gently remove odors. Then, light one of our signature candles to give your home the natural, odorless scent that protects your privacy. Remain discreet with Kushley.

Air-Neutralizing Products

Our online store makes purchasing fast and easy. All our products are unique and eco-friendly. Keep your pets and children safe by using non-toxic Kushley products. 

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