Kushley in your diffuser

Kushley can also be used in your Diffuser

  Simply fill reservoir to fill line as indicated with Kushley and let it run for 1/2 to 2 hours, turn off or move to another location for best results with permeated odors.  As soon as the Kushley scent is no longer present, let your nose guide you if another hour run is necessary. For smoking or cooking odors turn unit on prior to start of activity and shut off approximately 30 minutes to an hour to stop odor from permeating throughout home.
There is no right or wrong mixture as everyone's sensitivity level for odors is different and is ok to adjust your mixture to your satisfaction (ok to add water to next application if the Kushley scent is a bit to much). We are simply providing a starting point, as there is no right or wrong dilution with using Kushley, however, note the size and output of the diffuser unit itself will also make a difference in time needed to eradicate odor.