How to Eliminate Smoke Odor with a Candle

Smoke odor, whether from cigarettes, cigars, campfire, or medical marijuana is nearly impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, smoke odor is also hard to get rid of. It lingers in clothes and in the air, so it can keep coming back even after you thought you had it under control. There are a few solutions to this problem, however. You can mask the odor with a stronger scent until it dissipates, or better yet, you can eliminate it.

Kushley is dedicated to providing people with organic, handmade products that eliminate all types of organic odors so you can have fresh air all the time. Our candles are perfect for eliminating odor in a room, while also adding the warm and welcoming effect a lit candle has. Let's take a look at smoke odor, and how you can eliminate it with a candle from Kushley.

Smoke Odor Vs. Other Odors

Smoke odor is a byproduct of combustion that occurs when something is burned. This sends ashes, burned plant matter, and combustion particles into the air. They weave themselves into fabrics, and in certain types have sticky particles that can cling to hard surfaces and attract more and more particles and dust. Other odors, that are typically stronger initially, lack these components that make them stick around. They are lighter and biodegrade much quicker, making a perfume or even the smell of baked cookies disappear almost as quickly as they were recognized.

Because smoke odors stick around and linger, it is frustrating trying to get rid of them by masking them with other scents. That original odor takes a long time to decompose. Even though it will eventually dissipate over time, you can speed up the process by using methods that help to break down the odor. One of these is an odor eliminating candle.

Kushley Candles Break Down Odors

Kushley's candles are made of organic soy, meaning they burn slowly and safely, and without the harmful chemicals or soot left behind by the more popular paraffin candles. Paraffin is a derivative of petroleum, and has been proven to emit toxins that can cause serious illnesses over time from long and frequent exposure. On top of chemicals from the wax itself, many candles are loaded up with strong fragrances and artificial colors to make them more appealing. Even though they might smell great, they aren't doing anything for you in the long run and are simply adding more chemicals to your environment.

Our special blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients works to naturally remove odors from the air and surrounding surfaces. It is effective because it triggers the biodegradation of odor particles on contact. It will totally eliminate an average of 99.6% of any organic odor, no matter how tough. It also leaves behind a light, fresh scent that will fade quickly to leave you with nothing but clean air.

We equip our candles with an all-natural cedar wick that burns slow. We offer them in a variety of sizes and in both tin and glass jars to fit your needs and your aesthetic. We guarantee that they will clean your air and help you breathe easy.

About Us

We came up with our odor eliminating products for those in need of medical marijuana to aid in their recovery and treatment of chronic illnesses. A common use for medical marijuana is to reduce the side effects that accompany chemotherapy like nausea, lack of appetite, and chronic pain. Since it is such an effective medicine, it is important that those who need it have access to it, and can be comfortable through treatment.

Marijuana has a very distinct, pungent smell that can lead to some unwarranted questions and judgement directed towards the patient. Patients should be able to maintain their privacy and discretion throughout treatment. It is also important for their loved ones to feel comfortable supporting you through the healing process.

All of our products are gentle yet effective, so you can be safe and avoid harsh chemicals during treatment, at home, and around pets. Our line of products includes:

  • Lotions
  • Soaps
  • Candles
  • Spray Mists
  • Pet Shampoo

We proudly hand make our products right here in the United States in our Connecticut facility. We put care into every one of our candles, sprays and soaps, so you know that you are getting only the best from us. You can find our products in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and homes across the country and beyond. Our makers have been environmental odor control consultants for more than 30 years now, and want to share our odor eliminating expertise with you.

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If you are looking for a candle to get rid of smoke odors in your home, look no further than Kushley! We guarantee our products 100% so you know how confident we are in our products. We're sure that you'll love them! Check out our candles, as well as our other amazing products on our store page and order today.





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