How To Eliminate Marijuana Smell

Like it or not, there are negative associations with marijuana odor. As cannabis use becomes more prevalent, people are looking to eliminate odors. Medical marijuana users may not want the smell to permeate their clothes and carpet. Due to the growing political conversation around marijuana, some neighbors may find its odors offensive. Businesses and restaurants may want to eliminate the smell in order to attract more customers. A neutral smell contributes to overall cleanliness. Healthcare organizations determined to preserve cleanliness need odor-free rooms to protect the health of residents and patients. In order to protect privacy, avoid conflict, and maintain cleanliness, some people are desperate to eliminate the smell of marijuana.

Leading odor control products merely mask the odor instead of completely eliminating it. As a result, the odor returns after a period of time. They don’t solve the problem, and you end up spending more money on items that don’t work. At Kushley, our all-natural inventory uses a special blend of botanical oils to entirely eliminate odors. When odor molecules come into contact with our product, they break down and disappear. Unlike other cleaners, our candles, lotions, and sprays are pet-friendly and child-friendly, and we use zero artificial preservatives. Each product is unique and hand-assembled, and our eco-friendly ingredients, like soy, support the american farmer. With odorless air, you can be healthy and safe without worrying about the smell.

To eliminate the smell of marijuana, it’s best to plan ahead. Below are tips for before, during, and after using cannabis to ensure that the odor doesn’t linger. Health care facilities and businesses will find out what causes the smell of cannabis and what steps they can take to maintain sanitation for patients and clients.

Finding the Right Consumption Method

29 states have legalized medical marijuana, and even more states have pending legislation. In the last few years, various new ways of consumption have appeared. Smoking through rolled paper and glass pipes will emit the most odor, while edibles and vaporizers hardly produce any. Sometimes topicals such as creams or lotions are made by cooking the whole cannabis plant in oil. These will perpetuate the cannabis smell, whereas topicals made with concentrates tend to emit less odor. The general rule is that the more it smokes, the more it smells. Each method has its assortment of benefits and drawbacks, so make sure to find the right one for you. After determining your method of consumption, you can take the necessary precautions to neutralizing odors.

The Right Set-Up Means Less Clean Up

If you’re looking to hide smells, hotboxing is a bad idea. While it may seem productive to smoke in a small room or closet to protect the rest of the house, it actually makes the smell permeate more into your room, clothes, and skin. When using medical marijuana, open up a window, turn on a fan, or go outside (depending on where you live). Proper planning can go a long way. Larger businesses and healthcare facilities maybe want to invest in carbon filters for proper ventilation. For smaller scale usage in a home or office, check out our all-natural candles.

Restore Your Space With Kushley

Our soy candles will make your air clean again. Before you use cannabis, ignite the candle, and the botanical oils will immediately absorb and eliminate any odors your marijuana emits. Soy based candles are eco-friendly, and they don’t emit additional toxins and soot. The wicks burn at a lower temperature, meaning that the candle lasts for twice as long. Kushley candles are odorless, pesticide-free, and they now feature cedar wicks. The wooden wick gives you a crisp, modern aesthetic while simultaneously giving you the sense of being outdoors. Our soft wood wicks crackle just like a campfire! Our candles, along with all of our products, are made with renewable resources, so ditch your paraffin-petroleum candles, and switch to Kushley!.

Never Miss Another Hug

We understand the need for both health and support. Our friends in healthcare clinics, hospitals, and assisted living centers need both the benefits of medical marijuana and the support of their loved ones. Despite the growing acceptance of cannabis, there are still those who would prefer to not smell it. Reduce the anxiety, questions, and unsettlement that accompany cannabis odors with our starter kit.