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 While the positive benefits of medical patients are clear, its odor can be controversial. With an increasing amount of card carriers and its legality in ever increasing States across the US, many people are looking for effective ways to clear the air. If you’re using a glass instrument or rolling the smoke can permeate your walls, carpet, furniture and your clothing. Whether using our Pure Soy Candles or Fine Mist Sprays, removing the scent of this plant can be important if you want to keep your health issues private. Despite the growing legalities some people may not approve its usage. Friends, family neighbors or colleagues may not be on board with the politics or they just don’t like the smell, clean air makes a cleaner home and an even more confident environment.

How They Work

Odor eliminating candles have special organic ingredients that attack and remove odors in the air instead of simply covering them up. Other candles temporarily cover the odor, letting it return as soon as you extinguish the flame. The problem isn’t solved, and your favorite candles won’t last as long because you’ll need them twice as much. With our all-natural soy candles, you can double the burn life of your favorite candles.

For fresh, clean air, light the candle ten minutes before an activity, and keep it lit for a bit after. The ingredients released by the candle will absorb any unwanted scent and erase it from the air. Use Kushley to eliminate the odor, then light your favorite candle to fill the room with a scent of your choice. To prevent tunneling, let the Kushley candle burn across the entire top before extinguishing. This helps the candle not exceed its melted diameter on the next light, and it will extend its life even more.

All-Natural Ingredients
We believe in being careful about what we put in our bodies and the environment. Your immediate environment such as your home or clinic are as important to your health as what you consume, which is why we proudly present organic, soy-based candles with cherry wood wicks.
How Soy is Better Than Paraffin
Have you ever noticed the black residue left in the jar after burning a candle? After a while, paraffin-based candles can stain your walls, ceilings, carpet, and curtains. Unlike paraffin wax, soy based candles don’t emit black soot. They are clean, organic, and good for the economy. If soybeans completely replaced paraffin candles, American farmers would be able to grow an additional 60 million pounds of soybeans. On the other hand, paraffin candles are a product of foreign crude oil. Soybeans are a renewable resource that is healthy and sustainable to our environment. Paraffin candles emit carbon-dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, while soy-based candles are natural and emission free.
Paraffin wax candles are dangerous to your health and your environment. In 2001, the EPA found carcinogens such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acrolein in paraffin wax. Because of the high melting point, paraffin candles burn hotter and therefore are a greater risk in causing house fires. Soy based candles use less air and heat. They have a lower melting point, meaning that the wick doesn’t have to get as hot to burn through the wax. With a cooler flame, soy burns for 50% longer than paraffin, and is safer for your home and body.
Why Wooden Wicks
Make way for the wick that crackles! Our candles are now available with cherry wood wicks. Not only do wooden wicks burn slower and last longer than cotton, but they crackle gently as they burn. Wooden wicks emit a modern-looking horizontal flame that doesn’t mushroom like cotton wicks. Combined with pure soy wax, this results in a longer burn period, less smoke and a soot-free burn.
Wooden wicks don’t need to be trimmed. For traditional cotton wicks, trimming the carbon build-up is necessary to control heat levels. Not trimming cotton wicks can be dangerous, and forgetting to maintain the wick at ⅛ of an inch can result in higher levels of soot and too much heat. With wooden wicks, you don’t have to worry about trimming after each use. They burn evenly, maintaining lower levels of heat, and don’t release soot.  Be sure to read our blog on how to light a wood wick, soy candle.
Try Our Candles
Our odor removing candles clean and clear the air, organically, responsibly and effectively. Our all-natural, pure soybean wax is environmentally friendly, and doesn’t leave soot residue. Purchase your odor eliminating candle today and enjoy the cleanliness you deserve. 

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