The Best Odor Eliminator, Yes Please.

Restore confidence with Kushley!  Getting rid of odor can be annoying and difficult. Even some of the greatest things in life-garlic, curry, fish and even our most beloved puppies produce unwanted smells. 

Finding the right air freshener can be daunting. Read the labels, chemicals are chemicals and best to avoid. Most commercial air fresheners mask the smell instead eliminating it, which lets the malodor return after a short while. For clean air in your home or business, Kushley offers a natural, non-chemical solution. Our soap and spray products will clear odors out of your personal and proximal environment without the cost of your health. Our organic blend of botanical oils breaks down the offensive odor and eliminates it completely. Clean air results in a safer environment, and at Kushley, we clean your air without polluting your space. Here are some suggestions on how you can safely eliminate odors.

Antibacterial Soap

According to the FDA, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that antibacterial soap is better at preventing illness than plain soap and water. Many products labeled as “antibacterial” contain an ingredient called triclosan. Animal studies have shown that triclosan alters the way some hormones operate in the body. One study also found that triclosan not only kills bacteria, it also kills human cells.

The main reason people are switching to organic soap is that antibacterial soap contributes to the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Furthermore, when children aren’t exposed to common bacteria at an early age, they can grow up more prone to allergies and asthma. In September 2016, the FDA banned triclosan from being used in soaps, but they didn’t restrict its use in hand-sanitizers. That same month, the FDA banned 19 other chemicals found in liquid soaps, and they are working with the EPA to find more. In order to avoid using the next most toxic chemical, use Kushley organic odor removers. Our natural ingredients won’t put your health at risk.

Products we apply to our skin are immediately absorbed into our bloodstream. They don’t undergo the same digestive filter process as food or drinks, so what we use to stay clean is especially important . With Kushley organic soap, you can remove unwanted scents without stripping your hands of their natural oils. Our castile soap is combined with coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, and a special blend of our own essential oils. You can stay clean and remove dirty smells without the side effects of antibacterial chemicals. Good health shouldn’t come with a cost, and with Kushley, you’ll use only the best products.

Stay Away From Toxic Air Fresheners

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), consumers should stay away from air fresheners completely. After their studies found phthalates in 12 out of 14 air fresheners, all of which claimed to be “all natural,” the NRDC suggests using essential oils to clean the air. Phthalates are chemicals found in many fragranced products. They make the fragrance last longer and disperse wider, making it increasingly popular amongst household product manufacturers. It has already been banned in other countries (China, Canada, South Korea, Japan, and EU), but the U.S. is slow to ban toxic chemicals because they have a high standard for proof of harm.

Air fresheners work one of four ways:

  1. By using strong chemicals to kill your ability to smell
  2. By lining your nasal passages with an oily film
  3. By masking one smell with another
  4. By organically breaking down the odor (the Kushley way)

Kushley products don’t replace odors with chemicals. The oils released in our candles, lotions, and soaps, meet bad smells at the molecular level to erase them from the air. They are non-toxic and pet friendly. Your house and business can return to its neutral scent by using our organic odor eliminators.

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The search for the perfect odor neutralizer is over. Our proprietary formula of botanical oils yet water-based will eliminate unwanted smells produced by cooking, medical prescription, or pets. Keep your activities discreet with Kushley