h) 11oz Soy Candle, Wood Wick - Back in stock!

There is something magical about candlelight. The dancing flame, the soft crackle of a wood wick, the delicate aroma of kushley that can change your mood, possibly bring back memories but most certainly will clear the air of unwanted odors, safely, respectfully and responsibly.  Nothing more relaxing than entering a clean fresh room!

Welcome to the Kushley line of pure soy candles. We have one scent, the Kushley signature scent! Our candles are made with pure soy wax, cherry wood wicks, Kushley's own organic, odor neutralizing botanical formula (perfume and phthalate free) and just a touch of olive oil. No soot, no toxins, just a beautiful, organic, odor neutralizing, luxurious soy candle.

100% non-GMO soy wax.

Cherry wood wicks.

Completely soot free.

Clean, non-toxic burn.

No added colors or scents.

Large, highball glass jar, soy candle burns for approximately 45 - 50 hours.

Enjoy clean burning, non-toxic and the light crackle sound of the cherry wood wick.  All of our soy candles are poured by hand, in small batches and made in Connecticut.

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Limited Time Offer! Purchase Gallon Concentrate and receive a Kushley Mini Soy Candle Free! Valid through March 17, 2021 - Continental US Only.

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