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*Mini Soy Candles unavailable due to glass supply chain issues until further notice.
10/15 hour - 100% non-GMO soy wax, wooden wicks and completely soot free.

Eliminate smoke, cooking odors plus enjoy the added beauty and soft glow of these luxurious Kushley Soy Candles in your home.

Clean burning, non-toxic and beautiful crackle sound of the cherry wood wick.

Our soy candles are poured by hand in small batches and made in a Connecticut Licensed Manufacturing Facility..

Approx. 10~15 hour, clean burn time, Cherry wood wicks, Completely soot free, Clean, non-toxic burn, No added color or scents. Poured in a beautiful 3oz "double shot" "reusable" glass. 


  • Soy is known for its slow, soot free, clean burn. Kushley is known for its pure organic odor eliminating benefits.  

  • Combined offering you the best of the best in a candle that will "clear the air" from smoke and/or cooking odors in an average size room for hours.

  • Our Soy Candles will actually remove smoke or cooking odors from a room. Simply light candle during and let it burn after the task.

  • Double the burn life of your favorite scented candles. Use Kushley to eliminate the odors first (let kushley do the work) then light your favorite candle and you will never have the scent of trying to cover up the present odors, just clean, fresh natural scent or your favorite candles true scent.

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