a) 4oz Fine Mist Spray

Kushley is our own water based proprietary formula of organic, essential botanicals.

Use Kushley anywhere odors need to be addressed, eliminated quickly, safely and efficiently.

Kushley is specifically created to make your personal environment odor free. Your handy 4oz fine mist bottle fits easily in your pocketbook, backpack or other small space so you’re never without.

Our fine mist spray is great for small applications on airborne odors—in the car, on your clothes, on your hands, in your hair or on your body. 

Kushley eliminates tough odors and any organic odor, safely, responsibly, effectively, organically.  Safe around your pets too! 


We are so careful about what we put in our bodies, we should also be as careful about what put on our bodies and in our environment.

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    We thank you for welcoming Kushley into your home.

    Stay well, stay positive and

    Wishing you a bright and clear week ahead :)