What's new? Kushley Customer Appreciation!

Have you checked out our new special?  The gallon refill?  And what better way to show customer appreciation than to save you all some serious money in shipping!!! Shipping has been a killer for both our customers and for us. You hate paying those shipping charges, we hate charging, worry it may not be delivered in one piece and fully understand it may stop someone from making that purchase.  Our customers know the packing material we use to protect that gallon for shipping.  We feel the pain of having to charge those prices to ship that one,single gallon and as a consumer I get it - today we are doing something about it!  

Customer Appreciation - Kushley Gallon Re-fill Concentrate with **Free Shipping    ...and for a limited time a free Pocket Mister will be included with every Concentrate purchase, another $5.00 savings! 

*Our current Ready To Use Kushley Gallon Refill  is $36.95 plus shipping.

You will need a clean, empty, one gallon jug. Simply reuse your current kushley gallon container or choose the Concentrate with gallon container.

*Kushley Concentrate by itself - $32.00 and **Free Shipping

*Kushley Concentrate, a labeled, empty gallon container - $35.00 with **Free Shipping.

Once your Kushley Concentrate arrives, fill the gallon up with water, to the bottom of the handle - do not fill to the top just yet. Now, here is our special offer, add to the water our 2oz bottle of Kushley Concentrate. Now slowly, using a cup or the 2oz concentrate bottle itself to slowly finish filling the gallon with water.  With the cap on tight, gently roll the gallon (in your hands or on a table) until the concentrate fully blends with the water.

You are now ready to refill your 4oz Fine Mist Spray bottle or your 32oz Trigger Spray bottle and begin using Kushley however you use Kushley. 

*Kushley Single Gallon

**Free Shipping - USA only

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