Using Kushley to Freshen Your Home - Furnace Filters!

Dear Customer: 

On occasion, you might encounter some musty odors in your home. You might have a musty basement, odors that permeate from your furnace ventilation, or might want to use your humidifier to add a pleasant smell to your home. In this email, we give you some tips for using Kushley to purify the smell in your home. 

Eliminate Odors From Your Basement 

The smell of a musty basement often boils down to dampness that gets caused by poor ventilation. Many older homes have excess moisture an airflow. One of the more expensive solutions is basement renovation. But if your musty basement is simply a problem of seasonality (like a wet spring or a humid summer), you can easily get rid of that musty basement smell with Kushley. To get the most out of Kushley for eliminating that musty odor in your basement, simply make a 50/50 mix of Kushley with water and lightly spray on the walls and floor. 


Purify Your Furnace 

In many areas, furnaces go unused for most of the year. You might notice a musty smell when you power your furnace up for the cold season. This is because of moisture likely building up in your duct work. We recommend the standard 50/50 spray of water and Kushley to help remedy this issue. Simply lightly spray your furnace filter and that musty furnace smell will go away. 


 A 50/50 mix of water and Kushley will help eliminate furnace odors. 


In Your Humidifier 

Kushley also works well if you want to rid the odor from a room and you have a cool mist humidifier. Simply mix 2 ounces of Kushley with one half gallon of water. Kushley works best with Ultrasonic Cool Mist units.  

Here are some Kushley products that you might like to buy if you want to use Kushely to freshen your home: 

  • Kushley 32 Oz Mist Trigger Spray --> Buy Now  

  • Kushley Gallon Refill --> Buy Now, Great for if you've used Kushley before and just need to refill your spray bottle. 

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