August 25, 2017

Turn a smoking vehicle into a non-smoking vehicle

Turn a smoking vehicle into a non-smoking vehicle

We are often asked what are the best ways to rid specific odor in our everyday environment and we hope to answer some of the most common Kushley uses like how to turn a smoking car into a non-smoking car or how to get the spilt coffee with cream smell out of the carpet or seats.

Begin with a light mist spray (full strength) over and around the seats, carpeting (front and back) and don’t forget to thoroughly spray throughout the trunk.

Follow up with the vehicle running and the ac turned on, spray Kushley directly into the air-intake.  You will find the “intake opening” inside the grate that is located directly beneath the window shield, usually on the driver’s side.  Let the AC carry Kushley throughout the vehicle and this also has some humidification that will quickly dry the air.

For the accidental spill make a 50/50 mixture of Kushley and water, slowly pour directly on the spill.

Let it set for approx. 3 minutes then soak up excess with a dry cloth, towel or microfiber cloth or wet vac. Wait until it has completely dried and let your nose guide you as to if another application is needed or not.  Should a second application be needed be sure to pour just outside the original area as we want to ensure Kushley has fully reached the original spill.

Skunks have been quite prevalent this year and if you have ever accidently driven over one the odor is beyond extreme but not impossible to clear.  With the 50/50 mix water and Kushley in a garden sprayer.  The long wand will make it possible to reach and spray entire undercarriage of the vehicle.  Then follow with AC directions above.

The key to Kushley is always attack the odor at its source, let the Kushley spray completely dry then let your nose guide you.  Everyone’s sensitivity to odors is different so there is no right or wrong amount of Kushley to use, we simply give you a starting point.

As always, never hesitate to reach out, we are here and we welcome your questions or comments.

Thank you for choosing Kushley organic products.