PSA - Shipping Rate Increase Across All Carriers

The following is our own PSA on the newest increase on shipping rates.

"The new 2017 USPS rates became effective SUNDAY January 22nd, 2017. With this last update, the annual rate changes are complete across all carriers.

...In almost all cases, USPS First-Class Mail is the best choice for shipments under 1 pound and USPS Priority Mail is best for shipments up to 70 pounds.

    • It is important to note USPS Flat Rate or Regional Rate envelopes and boxes offer exceptional savings for any shipment that will fit into them."

Kushley remains dedicated to providing the best option we can with regards to our ship rates and USPS remains our preferred carrier and we will do our best to hold and absorb this latest rate increase.

As always, should you have any questions or comments never hesitate to reach out, we are here!

With today's vast marketplace and the many, many choices before you, we sincerely thank you for choosing Kushley!


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