December 11, 2020

Our Furbabies

Our Furbabies

Our pets are our baby's and we care for them with love!  Mostly when they are babies they can have accidents while in training or if aging they can loose control of their bladder, it happens!  

This is when Kushley can become a life safer with odors and fresh markings.

Not sure where the accident took place, but you can smell it???  Use a black light! This will immediately show where the accident occurred and exactly where to clean.

Follow our Kushley tips in getting the odor out the first time, no fuss, no muss :)

Pet accidents: 50/50 mix of kushley & water. Pour on carpet or upholstery over urinated/sprayed areas. Let set 2 to 3 minutes. Soak up excess with wet/dry vac or dry cloth & let dry. Should 2nd application be needed, pour mixture around previously treated area. Cat applications will require a stronger mixture & at least 2 applications, maybe 3.

Litter boxes: Empty litter box, spray inside full strength with kushley, let dry, add clean litter. Spray over top as needed between cleanings.

Any questions?  No worries, email or call we are here to help! - 860.710.8607