March 13, 2019

Kushley and your fur-baby

Kushley and your fur-baby

I want to share a recent reply to a customers comment and 5-star review.

"Thank you for your very kind review, we so appreciate feedback!!
Although Kushley is safe around our furbabies I would never recommend spraying directly on your pup or any pet. Kushley's regular formula does contain a minute amount of citrus. Not all, but some cats, dogs and especially horses can be sensitive to citrus.

We have many vets, pet handlers, owners, even Animal Control Officers who have used our formula over the last 20 plus years, safely and effectively. Especially effective in eliminating skunk odor. Be sure to always follow up with Kushley's "Baby our Pets" Citrus Free Pet Shampoo to thoroughly bathe and condition pets skin and coat.

In the meantime for a little freshen up you can get a very wet cloth, add a small amount of kushley to the wet cloth and rub your pets coat down, be sure to follow up with a clean water rinse - wet cloth only and again rub pets coat down. When pets coat is wet you will smell pet odor and Kushley, as the pets coat begins to dry is where you will notice - smell - the difference.

We hope this has been helpful and again, thank you for being a Kushley customer!"