January 10, 2022

Do you Grow

Do you Grow

Commercial Grow, Grow shops, cultivation, home Grow, doesn’t matter the term, all have one component, issue, problem in common, odor remediation.  

State of Rhode Island Grow Inspectors after daily inspections of commercial and private Grows, taking the Grow odor back to the office, leaving it in their vehicles and even taking it home in their clothes, was the first State Agency to discover the benefits of Kushley…the best and most effective way to fully remediate Grow odor from traveling with them.

As the Grow scent remains a stigma to society, we will continue to honor our commitment to be the best stewards of pure, clean environmental odor control products/applications in turn helping you maintain the highest standard of excellence with your customers, co-workers, friends and family that includes our beloved furbabies.

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