November 23, 2020

Cannabis, Cigar, Cigarette, Cooking Smoke Odors

Cannabis, Cigar, Cigarette, Cooking Smoke Odors

What odor??

The top four C's of smoke odor will be reduced to "nothing" with Kushley.

Simply spray room, sofa, drapes, carpets, pet beds, even spray overhead and let the fine mist fall on you (like your favorite body spray). 

Fill your favorite Diffuser reservoir with Kushley and let it run, move from room to room for best, all around your home coverage.

Spray inside your vehicle, don't forget the headliner, dashboard, seats, carpet and the trunk. 

Best kept secret yet, with engine running turn AC unit on then spray Kushley into the air-intake (located inside the grate below the front window shield).  This will quickly and efficiently carry Kushley throughout the auto interior.

Safe in all applications! 

Safe around your pets!

Pure organic formulation!

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