28 keystrokes "so very nice to e-meet you"

May 10, 2017

28 keystrokes

In this age of emails being the preferred method of communicating business vs the old fashion “pick up the phone and talk” I must admit I fought communicating via emails as much as possible as I preferred a phone conversation (and still do) but have discovered a very nice introduction that seems to connect with not just my customers but anyone I meet via email for the first time.  I now reply with “so very nice to e-meet you” This seems to immediately break down that invisible, stuffy door and your email conversation becomes a bit more personalized, like a solid hand shake.  What better way to connect with someone or to start that new business relationship off on the “right foot” so to speak.

So the next time you hit that reply button to someone for the first time try using these simple 28 keystrokes and start your email with “so very nice to e-meet you”

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