August 11, 2017


Diaper Genie and Kushley Review

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August 9 at 10:13am

I bought some spray recently and can't believe what a HUGE difference it has made! My daughter's room used to stink from her diaper genie - no matter what I did to keep it clean. I sprayed the pail all over ONE time and have not gotten a whiff of gross since! So wonderful, so appreciated! Thanks ����

July 24, 2017


An end of summer salute and savings for our Kushley Customers

Take advantage of this coupon code that is valid for a limited time on a $15.00 order or more through August 31st, 2017.  An end of summer salute to Kushley's Customers.


July 10, 2017


June 28, 2017


Save! Free Shipping with Purchase of our new Gallon Refill Concentrate

Kushley Gallon Refill Concentrate. 

Recycle, clean any gallon container. Fill with water first but save room to add your 2oz Concentrate.  Double or triple rinse the 2oz container then slowly finish filling container with water.  Put cap on tight and shake, roll to blend concentrate thoroughly. Now you are ready to refill your favorite spray containers.

Keep handy and at the ready to clear the air on the spot.

Free shipping with purchase of our Kushley Gallon refill Concentrate.

May 10, 2017


28 keystrokes "so very nice to e-meet you"

In this age of emails being the preferred method of communicating business vs the old fashion “pick up the phone and talk” I must admit I fought communicating via emails as much as possible as I preferred a phone conversation (and still do) but have discovered a very nice introduction that seems to connect with not just my customers but anyone I meet via email for the first time.  I now reply with “so very nice to e-meet you” This seems to immediately break down that invisible, stuffy door and your email conversation becomes a bit more personalized, like a solid hand shake.  What better way to connect with someone or to start that new business relationship off on the “right foot” so to speak.

So the next time you hit that reply button to someone for the first time try using these simple 28 keystrokes and start your email with “so very nice to e-meet you”

May 09, 2017


Baby Your Pup Shampoo - 1st Review

"Hello Kushley,

May 09, 2017


What's new? Kushley Customer Appreciation!

Have you checked out our new special?  The gallon refill?  And what better way to show customer appreciation than to save you all some serious money in shipping!!! Shipping has been a killer for both our customers and for us. You hate paying those shipping charges, we hate charging, worry it may not be delivered in one piece and fully understand it may stop someone from making that purchase.  Our customers know the packing material we use to protect that gallon for shipping.  We feel the pain of having to charge those prices to ship that one,single gallon and as a consumer I get it - today we are doing something about it!  

Customer Appreciation - Kushley Gallon Re-fill Concentrate with **Free Shipping    ...and for a limited time a free Pocket Mister will be included with every Concentrate purchase, another $5.00 savings! 

*Our current Ready To Use Kushley Gallon Refill  is $36.95 plus shipping.

You will need a clean, empty, one gallon jug. Simply reuse your current kushley gallon container or choose the Concentrate with gallon container.

*Kushley Concentrate by itself - $32.00 and **Free Shipping

*Kushley Concentrate, a labeled, empty gallon container - $35.00 with **Free Shipping.

Once your Kushley Concentrate arrives, fill the gallon up with water, to the bottom of the handle - do not fill to the top just yet. Now, here is our special offer, add to the water our 2oz bottle of Kushley Concentrate. Now slowly, using a cup or the 2oz concentrate bottle itself to slowly finish filling the gallon with water.  With the cap on tight, gently roll the gallon (in your hands or on a table) until the concentrate fully blends with the water.

You are now ready to refill your 4oz Fine Mist Spray bottle or your 32oz Trigger Spray bottle and begin using Kushley however you use Kushley. 

*Kushley Single Gallon

**Free Shipping - USA only

April 13, 2017


Customer Service

As a business owner, I am more than outraged at today's very sad exhibition of the known airlines customer service and their CEO and their "standard operating procedure" which of course meant selecting passengers at random to bump off that flight to make room for their own employees.  

Who decided that their "sop" was, at any cost, physical brutality of a customer?

At what point does a business put themselves - publically - ahead of their own customers?  And what CEO defend his own employees actions of physical brutality against a customer?

Over the years I have seen customer service take quite a beating and with today's news it truly has hit a new low!  Customer Service has become a lost art!  Where does it end?

Without my customer...who am I and what's the point of being in business??

I am here to tell you, Customer Service never did end for me.  I always have and always will go out of my way to ensure it isn't lost, at least not here at Kushley!

It is all about the customer, period!  We begin by offering products that are created to exceed our customer's expectations.  Followed by an exceptional turnaround time frame

Every single Kushley customer receives a sincere handwritten note of thanks with every order that goes out our door.

Our phone number is clearly published, contact page works, blogs and product reviews are open for comments.  

I want my customer to know I am here, that they are being heard, I always do my very best and every single customer is genuinely appreciated!

We are not here to simply sell, we are here to help our customers, we are here to help make a real difference in their life.

imho, it is all about the customer and putting customer service above all else. 

*update;  in a recent interview Mr. CEO was asked "do you think your employees did the right thing?"  He hesitated....       #ceofail #customerserviceaboveallelse

April 11, 2017


Time to save serious money on shipping...

It's time to save serious money on shipping so don't throw your empty Kushley gallon bottles away!! 

We are so excited to announce our ever popular gallon refill is now available in a 2oz super concentrate!!  

Always fill your gallon container with water first - then add the 2oz concentrate.  slowly add a little water to the 2oz bottle and pour into the gallon until your gallon is filled.

Now you are ready to refill your 4oz Fine Mist Spray bottles and/or your 32oz Trigger Spray Bottles and use Kushley!

For a limited time we will include a free Travel Pocket Mister when you purchase your gallon refill concentrate and of course less than a pound ship rate of only $1.99

February 28, 2017


Amazon's cloud service outage, disrupting services including Kushley

We were unable to create ship labels today due to the widespread impact of Amazon's S3 service.  USA Today did a report on the widespread impact: 

Amazon now has their S3 service working again and we are now back online.

All of today's mail orders will ship tomorrow 3/1.

Thank you for your patience.



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