May 17, 2021

Kushley spray is AMAZING!

Kushley Spray is Amazing

Rating: 5 stars

"A few spritz of Kushley spray will COMPLETELY ELIMINATE the smell from smoking without smelling perfumey! Works great as an air freshener and is safe to use around my cats' litter. I even sprayed smelly sneakers I was going to toss and it got rid of the smell completely! The concentrate is a great deal and is saving me money. Even their customer service is incredible... I had a question about what kind of water to use with the concentrate and THE OWNER responded immediately (turns out you can use either distilled or tap water). The personalized hand written thank you was a truly kind touch. No need to hesitate, just'll LOVE Kushley❤"

Note from owner, distilled or tap water is just fine but I do prefer tap water, so easy, no fuss, no muss :)