June 15, 2020

"In love with this!"

"In love with this!"

"Picked up a bottle at my dispensary not thinking this would *really* eliminate odors vs. covering them up. I thought, oh hey, I like supporting local business and it’s organic, why not at the price point?

WOW. this is now my go-to product. Smells so good and actually eliminates odors some how. Love that I can use it in so many ways because it’s organic and the bottle gives a nice list of ways to use. Great price as well.

5 stars because it smells incredible and does the job, but my only feedback is the bottle itself could be better. I like low costs, though, so I’m okay with it. I poured mine into an atomizer I got at Whole Foods and a small pocket atomizer from amazon for a finer mist. Takes more pumps so maybe it’s my personal preference!

Also, this stuff has mileage! Way better than any other odor eliminator I’ve used (including brand name aerosols were all familiar with)"

Title: In love with this!
Rating: 5 stars