Positive Message From Customer

 Several months ago I ordered all the products that Kushley.com offers.  I am a Hospice RN and I have also used these fantastic items personally.  In all of my Nursing years I have not found something that gently removes odors and does not create an allergic or negative reaction in those who are extremely sensitive...until I discovered Kushley.  The room spray is so wonderfully light and non-medicinal.  It removes odors using so very little I am amazed.  Usually products can be so overwhelming it causes further distress in patients who suffer from nausea or other symptoms.  This delightful mist is absolutely non irritating and very powerful in removing the odors that we do not wish to have around. This provides a much kinder and less embarrassing environment.  When someone is struggling with health issues the last thing we wish to worry about is offending others when we dearly need these hugs and personal visits by friends and family.  I strongly suggest you try the spray, lotion and the candles to create a beautiful and lightly scented area in your living space.  I have noticed that the lotion is also very hypo-allergenic and even my animals are not overwhelmed.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about these products.  They work very well in doing the heavy work without overbearing scent and chemicals.  Thank you for this wonderful gift of a product Kushley.com.


  Life customer Lisa

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