November 20, 2017


Instagram note to kushleyllc

"Thank you @kushleyllc for the satchel of joy I received today"

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September 18, 2017


February 04, 2016


Medical customer note

"thank you so much for your package last week!  So glad to replenish my stock and roam the town skunk-free! :)
October 01, 2015


Bullett says...

Title: best money spent

Rating: 5 stars

"Start out by saying I've truly tried it all some come close but nothing can cover up the wicked strawberry cough ,,, that is until now thank you so much for the extremely fast shipping and truly unbelievable product ,,, it works it really works,,!! ! And it works great!
Nice light subtle clean like scent not overpowering,,, great job KUSHLEY
now I need a lifetime membership and auto delivery ,,, lol,, really! !!
Stay green

July 22, 2015


in their own words....

..."I really appreciate your customer service regarding this. This is the second time I've ordered your product and I've been very happy with it. I'm allergic to most chemical based air fresheners and have found that your not only clears the air, but also does not trigger my allergies.
Thanks again!"
April 21, 2014


Positive Message From Customer

 Several months ago I ordered all the products that offers.  I am a Hospice RN and I have also used these fantastic items personally.  In all of my Nursing years I have not found something that gently removes odors and does not create an allergic or negative reaction in those who are extremely sensitive...until I discovered Kushley. View full article →