Kushley soy candles clean and clear the air. These pure soy candles with cedar wicks burn slowly, providing Kushley’s odor-eliminating benefits for hours. Use a Kushley candle to eliminate the smell of medical marijuana, cannabis, cigarette, cigar smoke and cooking odors. Kushley does not mask or cover up odors, no fruity flavors to choose from. 

Make Kushley your signature scent.



First and Only Personal Care Product Line of its Kind!

"Kushley organic products for your environment. Eliminating medical marijuana odors,
chemo odors, smoke odors, cooking odors even pet odors - any organic smell you want to eliminate."


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February 04, 2016

Some of our favorite searches for Kushley: air wick scented candles for weed, marijuana smoke eliminator candles, the name of weed smell candles, marijuana odor spray, kush spray, weed odor eliminator spray, smoke odor candles, kushly, kushley spray Check out our shop for the best organic products that have no flavors, do not mask odors but rather eliminate smoke, cooking & pet odors safely, quickly and efficiently!  Continue Reading →


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