Stop Masking Smoke Odors! Let's Clear The Air!

"Organic...gentle yet powerful odor eliminating products from Kushley.  Now you have the solution for getting rid of any and all organic odors!"


First and Only Personal Care Product Line of its Kind Now Available to the Consumer

"Kushley is the first and only product line of its kind. Eliminating medical marijuana odors,
chemotherapy odors, smoke odors, cooking odors even pet odors - any organic smell you want to eliminate."


Customer Letter...

May 11, 2015

Dear Kushley,  "... It's hard being a family man while medicating without being asked by your kids what's that smell. Not only is the product superior than anything on the market of its kid. The customer service you receive is superior to any other customer service I've experienced. We tried to order the product online and found the shipping price to be a little much. I called their number after hours. They not only corrected the shipping cost but the product arrived in a few days. Thank you Kushley for returning family time back to without the awkward questions. I highly recommend your product but will be a life long customer." Verified Customer   Continue Reading →