First and Only Personal Care Product Line of its Kind!

"Kushley is the first and only product line of its kind. Eliminating medical marijuana odors,
chemo odors, smoke odors, cooking odors even pet odors - any organic smell you want to eliminate."


Kushley Lotion

November 23, 2015

Any odor is a very personal issue and we take your personal environment very seriously. The marketplace has many products that will cover up the issue but what if there was a product that took it not just one or two steps further...but three steps for the trifecta of Lotion. Citrus Free, Fragrance Free with Odor Free Results! Kushley Hand, Face & Body Lotion carefully & uniquely created not to cover up or add additional scents on top of scents. Science & nature blended together, by hand, with the finest of organic, fair trade oils & butters plus our our own botanical blend to sooth, moisturize and eliminate odors. A dab is all you need for the ultimate in skin care and... Continue Reading →